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Stage 4 Cancer brought many challenges--and also a host of loving and praying friends. Almost-daily postings to this site are to help my friends walk with me through this journey, and to express my gratitude to them and especially to God...On 7/8/08 Carol passed through that final curtain of death and is now healed. We thank God for her life and "arrival"! Chuck

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Delightful Time!

We had a delightful time in the Bahamas and were pleased that all of our flights were nearly on-time.  We enjoyed Eleuthera Island with a trip to Harbor Island and a couple of days in the busy city of Nassau.  It is always fun to renew friendships and enjoy the lovely beaches and beautiful clear emerald water.  We visited one unique beach which has pink sand.  I believe that I have only seen one similar beach previously.  Paul and Ruth are outstanding hosts, and we always enjoy being with them.  While we were there, a cold-front passed through and the temperatures dropped into the low 70’s which was no problem for us but some of the locals felt like they were in a “deep freeze”.  The real shocker was that while we were away Charlotte had 1-2” of snow which is most unusual.  Many were pleased with it but I was just as happy to miss the “fun”.

While on Eleuthera Island, we were thrilled to hear that two of the men that work for our builder friend made decisions to turn their lives over to Jesus and leave the life-style that they had become accustomed to.  They were so proud that with the Lord’s strength they had been able to turn their backs on their previous live-style and are eager to learn more about living their new lives.  Do pray as the Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians, that their “…hearts will be flooded with light…” and that they “…”will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power…”  (Ephesians 1:18-19)

It was exciting to get back to the office and see all of the projects that the volunteers had completed and greet a group of around 25 new candidates that arrived to learn more about SIM and consider their options.  We also have initiated our new kitchen which is a great blessing and at the same time a bit of a challenge to find where items are stashed.  I am sure it won’t be long before the cooks have a good handle on that and also the operation of all the new equipment.

I seem to still be having some problem with breathing but the congestion is now under control.  I have an appointment for my annual physical next week and am praying that the medical people will have wisdom in locating and treating any areas that are in need of attention. I will appreciate your prayers to that end.

Have a blessed week,


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