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Stage 4 Cancer brought many challenges--and also a host of loving and praying friends. Almost-daily postings to this site are to help my friends walk with me through this journey, and to express my gratitude to them and especially to God...On 7/8/08 Carol passed through that final curtain of death and is now healed. We thank God for her life and "arrival"! Chuck

Monday, October 05, 2015

Challenged to Pray

I had planned to be on the road today for Charlotte but was delayed by the reports of a shut-down of I-95 in South Carolina due to flooding.  After checking with the SC Department of Transportation I am trusting that we can get through the area tomorrow without too much delay.  At the moment the plan is to leave here around 1:00 AM, anticipating some delay dealing with additional traffic being rerouted through Columbia.  Hopefully I can get Don back home and still have time to meet with several people at the office in Charlotte before returning on Wednesday.  It has been a treat to have him visiting for a few days.

Last evening as we were comfortably sitting with a group far from the flooding disaster discussing the severe weather and looking at pictures of some of the flooding conditions, when Stuart stood up.  Getting the group’s attention, he reminded us of the importance of focusing upon the individuals rather than the mess and the property loss, suggesting that it was time to pray!  A solemn hush came over the group as we stopped to consider the “real” seriousness regarding individuals and their souls.  Several in the group prayed for the huge number of individuals impacted by the storm recognizing the need for protection, comfort and wisdom in each situation but also for a positive Spiritual impact upon each of the struggling individuals along with their families and friends.  It was a timely reminder of God’s Word telling us that such disasters will occur prior to the Lord’s return to earth.  Such happenings certainly do remind us of the power of God.  That was the focus of our study and discussion this morning when Don and I sat around the breakfast table continuing our study of the Bible.   It was amazing how our study applied to the current disaster.  I am always amazed at how often that happens and allows me to see something that I have never seen before and likely something that I need to apply to my life.

I trust that your week is going well and that you have not been involved in the flooding.




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